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Campus clubs give you the chance to develop life skills in a low risk, safe environment. Networking, leadership, communication, and time management skills are just a few examples of the types of expertise you’ll gain by getting involved.

Clubs change from year to year (just like our students). To make sure the clubs listed below are still active, double check with the Department of Student Life.

Relief sculpture
Our purpose is to educate, celebrate, and appreciate the diversity that humanity has shown through lifetimes. We embody the 4 fields of Anthropology; Biological, Archaeological, Cultural, and Linguistic. Above all, to help students forge connections and experiences to the Anthropological world.

Art Collective members at booth
Add a little extra dazzle to your razzle and join the art club!

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The mission of Business Club at Crafton Hills College is to empower students with a passion for business by providing a dynamic and supportive environment where they can develop practical business skills, engage with local business communities, and explore various career opportunities in the field of business. We are committed to fostering leadership, entrepreneurship, and professional growth among our members through interactive workshops, guest speaker sessions, networking events, and real-world business projects. Our club aims to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical business application, encouraging students to apply their knowledge, creativity, and innovative thinking to solve real-world challenges. By promoting collaboration, diversity, and ethical practices, we aspire to contribute positively to both the personal development of our members and the broader community.

chess pieces
"There are two types of sacrifices: correct ones, and mine." -Mikhail Tal

circuit board
Expand your project portfolio with the computer science club

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Feel your feelings the Write way!

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The mission of the Essayons Club is to provide CHC students with educational and leadership development experiences that help prepare them for success in college and the workforce.

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Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Fire cadets
The mission of the Crafton Hills Fire Academy Association is to advance the academy educational, career, financial obligation and personal success of the cadets through fundraising events that benefit the academy and the college through involvement in the community.

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We are all about any kind of games, whether that be video games, board games, card games, or the likes! The club is open to everyone!

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Enjoy being outside? Join the GEO/TIC Club, where we explore the great outdoors through hiking, camping and field trips!

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Hungry for a new language? Come and learn ASL and Deaf Culture with snacks!

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Hungry for a new language? Join and learn American Sign Language and Deaf culture.

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Come and see what the Health Sciences has to offer!

basketballs on rack
We're balling, are you?

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Come in and learn more about learning a language!

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Join and learn k-pop dances!

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Express yourself through music and good vibes while connecting with your peers!

Mathmatics drawn on the sidewalk
It's less boring than it sounds

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Every Roadrunner is invited to join our club for a fun and engaging experience in a student-centered social organization whose purpose is to celebrate our diversity, become aware of what it means to be equitable, and promote inclusivity on campus. We have so many exciting events and activities planned that will make being a part of this club a memorable and rewarding adventure!

Physics club display
Let's get physical!

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All body types, genders, sexual orientations and abilities are welcome to celebrate who they are at pole club.

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Interested in joining an inclusive, affirming, celebratory club providing equality, diversity, understanding, and knowledge in a safe environment, then join the Pride Club as members or allies.

Students at a fundraising table.
Are you looking into taking the next big step in your major? Do you want to go to the next level of building your career? We are accepting new members, come join the Psychology Club!

Hand writing research
Join us, as we sit and hypothesize our wonders of the world.

Flag in front of clouds
The purpose of the not-for-profit Chapter is to help student veterans, dependents, and our members, with support from Student Veterans of America. The Chapter will focus on providing resources, build community, camaraderie, networking, and advocacy to, through, and beyond higher education.

Student using virtual reality
Come join the adventure with us in digital media at the Multimedia club!

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Let's touch some grass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Students performing onstage
Anyone can be a star!

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Join the Student Senate.