Multicultural Club
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Every Roadrunner is invited to join our club for a fun and engaging experience in a student-centered social organization whose purpose is to celebrate our diversity, become aware of what it means to be equitable, and promote inclusivity on campus. We have so many exciting events and activities planned that will make being a part of this club a memorable and rewarding adventure!


We, as the Multicultural Club, find that it is our responsibility to aid in the progress of cultural awareness and acceptance at Crafton Hills College. By doing so, we commit to creating an open-minded space, that is open to every Crafton Hills member, who will be able to express themselves freely and respectfully on their thoughts, experiences, and ideas. Through group discussions and research, we aim to bridge the gap of empowerment and celebration when it comes to culture. With that, we strive to reach our end goal that results in the healthy promotion of diversity and unity as a club and the Crafton Hills College community.


- "Celebration of Life" Event
- Field trips to cultural centers
- Fundraising in collaboration with other clubs
- Multicultural Day
- Other events/trips in collaboration with other clubs


Meeting Times: Every other Tuesday from 5:30pm-6:00pm
Meeting Location: CNTL-135 



Ricardo De La Cruz

Primary Advisor

Isidro Zepeda
Phone: 909-389-3409