We as the Multicultural Club seek to create a safe open-minded space that promotes individuality and cultural diversity. We strive to grow our club with the same respect and integrity that is used to empower every member to celebrate culture through awareness, appropriation, acceptance, and unity.


We will continue to keep everyone's safety a priority as we look forward to engaging through virtual zoom calls and meetings. Potentially in the spring, we are possibly looking at hosting a virtual culture fair that can showcase many cultural elements through traditional music, dance, art, poetry, short stories, experiences, and recipe swapping.


Meeting Times: Every first and last Monday of the month at 1:00 pm- 2:30 pm
Meeting Location: Zoom Calls



Ashley Mascarenhas
Email: a.mascarenhas1694@student.sbccd.edu


Isidro Zepeda
Email: izepeda@sbccd.cc.ca.us