East side of the Clock Tower Building

About Us

The Technology Success Center (TSC) is a training and support facility at Crafton Hills College that is committed to helping students, staff and faculty access the most effective technology available for achieving their goals.  Students, staff and faculty who receive training learn to utilize various assistive technology programs and subsequently mainstream to computer labs throughout the campus where many of the same applications are provided, ensuring equal access. 

Located on the second floor of the Clock Tower Building, the TSC utilizes the latest assistive technology software and hardware, with twenty accessible stations and a trained staff.  


In addition to our direct work with students, staff and faculty, we serve as a campus resource on all issues related to universal technology access and technology ergonomics. We provide:

  • Individual and small group training in assistive technology to Crafton Hills College students, staff and faculty
  • Access to assistive technology for academic work

Assistive Technology  Workshops

  • Note Taking Applications and Software
  • Text-to-Speech Software
  • Speech-to-Text Software
  • Mobile Applications
  • Study Skills Software

Workshop Schedule for July 2018

Workshop Schedule for August 2018

Workshop and Software Descriptions