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Live Captions & Transcription


Verbit is new live captioning and transcription software for both Mac & PC users. Verbit allows us to provide 99% accurate live video captioning and note taking services for our deaf/HOH students, as our students who are eligible for class note-taking services. View a demo of Verbit what Verbit can do here...


Ava is a free app and program for both Mac & PC users. Ava will caption any live video or audio source and also provides a nice free note-taking and transcription tool for meetings or lectures. Ava is free to anyone and can be downloaded here:

Note Taking

Livescribe Smartpen

The LiveScribe Echo smart pen uses a camera and a microphone to track your pen strokes and record audio. With the smartpen students only need to write key words to highlight parts of the presentation; the audio syncs to the notes. Then, in their own time, students can return to any point in the audio presentation by simply touching a word or sketch in their notes. Adding audio to their notes allows students to have a more comprehensive record of the important points they want to remember from a class, meeting, lecture or conversation. 

OneNote Audio Notetaking

Audio Notetakers can record lectures, interviews, Skype calls, and even online videos. It makes it possible to concentrate on listening while taking less notes, and easily go over the recorded material later.  You can enhance your Notes with colors, text, images, screenshots, file attachments, and PDF documents, and add lots of text and references to boot. There's even a speech to text tool and a "text-reader"  built right into the app!

Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000 is a sophisticated text reader; however, the program also offers a rich array of features, writing, and study skills tools to reinforce core reading skills such as decoding, fluency, and comprehension.  Kurzweil 3000’s multi-sensory approach gives students access to text and allows students to take notes in the margin, highlight critical information, create outlines or flash cards from highlighted text and much more.

Read & Write

Read & Write is a simple yet powerful reading and writing solution that goes above and beyond your standard text-to-speech tool. Read & Write software is free to all CHC students, staff & faculty! It offers a wide variety of supports to help students read independently, comprehend more of what they're reading, see and listen to definitions of unfamiliar words, and highlight important sections. In writing mode, it can help students carry out and organize research, translate from Spanish or other chosen languages, and convert text documents into audio formats. The software may be downloaded free.


Utilizing Kurzweil, Read and Write and other applications, our text-to-speech workshops focus on software and apps that enable students to read electronic text from sources such as e-books, websites, documents created in word processing programs and scanned documents.


With Dragon Naturally Speaking, students can use their voice to dictate and format text, open and close programs and windows, interact with email and much more.  Our speech-to-text workshops will focus on speech recognition, dictation, and training students to work hands-free with our computers. In addition, we will demo some free apps like Ava, Microsoft Word 365 and OneNote 365, which have excellent speech to text capability built-in.

Study Skills

Utilizing Microsoft 365, Read and Write and Kurzweil 3000, our study skills workshops will focus on note taking while reading electronic texts, annotating electronic texts, using templates for writing assignments, using graphics based brainstorming diagrams, creating outlines, creating study guides and language translators. 

Mobile Apps Workshop

Our IOS and Android workshops will focus on note taking, text-to-speech, math, collaboration and accessibility applications that students may find useful during their academic experiences.  Students are encouraged to share educational apps they are currently using with the TSC staff so that we can research and share these apps with other students.