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Career Counseling Appointments  (In-person OR Online available)

Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Friday  Closed
Center Closed

July 4, 2024

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CCR-220 (Campus Map) | 909-389-3399 |


Career and Academic Pathways


What is Career Services?

Start Here - End Here

SPRINT Towards Career Success

S - Start with a FREE Career Assessment available on Career Center web page. Ask yourself, “What motivates me? How does my personality affect my work style?” What are my skills, interests, and talents.  Take a Self Assessment.

P - Plan now! Don’t delay, Schedule your appointment with a Career Counselor.

R - Research several major/career options. Utilize the Career Planning resources tools

I - Identify potential career paths with the What Can I Do with this Major sheets. Determine what type of education/training you need and what college/university offers the major you are considering.

N - Network and gain experience through internships or volunteer positions. Get involved in student clubs related to your field. Develop essential career-related skills. Focus on academic coursework/projects to gain knowledge in your field of interest.

T - Target and decide on your next steps; Choose a Major. Develop an SEP and plan to graduate. Prepare for university transfer or job search. Design a professional resume and cover letter. Practice with Mock Interviews at the Career Center. Identify the best job search methods for your field of interest.


The Career Center seeks to educate and equip students to become career minded through educational opportunities and resources that will enhance their understanding of career exploration, planning, preparation and development to change their lives for the better.  It further seeks to develop students to advance and merge their academic and career goals through assessment, technology, educational activities, professional development, and career counseling. It is our goal to provide key services for a diverse background of students to be more confident and prepared in their career development plan through continual engagement and learning of the career planning process.



The Career Center will provide key career development services and resources to enhance the academic process of learning that will lead to career planning and goal setting for all students. We plan to be innovative and engaging to all students and the campus community as a whole.



The Career Center values individual needs, passion, career development, leadership and opportunities for self-awareness and growth. We intentionally respect all persons and seek to develop their self-awareness, strengths, skills and leadership potential. 



Are you career ready?