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Apps, Captioning and Distance Ed. Tools


ConferZoom / (Now TechConnect)
Distance Learning Video Platform

ConferZoom is a secure e-learning platform provided for the California Community Colleges that enables faculty to video and web conference for their hybrid and online classes. Zoom is a free real-time video conferencing and meeting designed for one on one or team collaboration. From brainstorming to review, Zoom makes it easy to create a webinar, organize a meeting remotely, or foster teamwork in a simple and visual way. You can share your screen and draw and edit it in realtime!
Free automated closed captioning can now be activated directly within Zoom or if required, you can integrate 99% accurate live captions using a third party service with the help of your assistive technology specialist, Suzanne Delahanty. ConferZoom FAQ and video tutorials.


Password Management 

BitWarden for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

Bitwarden is a robust free password manager that makes smart password management a breeze.  


Sharing, Storing and Collaboration

Microsoft OneDrive
 & Office 365 for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows

Free secure one Terrabyte of online storage for all instructors. Access your files from any type of device.


Captioning Support and Services

The Technology Success Center partners with 3C Media Solutions to support faculty in creating accessible instructional videos and audio files by adding closed captions.  3C Media Solutions is funded by a grant from the Chancellor’s Office, California Community Colleges.  3C Media Solutions will caption instructional videos that you own and will host your videos if you like. They will not caption non instructional videos or videos hosted on YouTube.

You will need to register for an account in order to log in and upload your instructional videos.  Once logged in select "media" and choose "add/upload media."  After the video is loaded in "My Media" select "Details & Options" and select "Submit this Media for Captioning."  Typical turn around time for captioning services is three to five business days. 3C User help and knowledge base


Do-It-Yourself Options

If you rely on YouTube videos a lot, YouTube has automatic captioning but the captions are not highly accurate. Since all instructor videos need to be 98% accurate per ADA laws, videos must be checked and edited for accuracy. You can use YouTube tools to edit your own YouTube videos. Note: You only have options if the videos are created by you and published by you on YouTube. Here are some Self-guided tutorials on creating accessible videos via YouTube.

If you are familiar with Canvas Studio, Studio provides an easy free tool for captioning shorter videos. Here is a short demo video on captioning with Canvas Studio.

Captioning FAQ's