Christian Lovell—Fitness Center ‘Works Out’ for Him

Student Profile

Christian Lovell wants to help others discover a passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Since hitting up the Fitness Center at Crafton Hills College, the 20-year-old Yucaipa resident has already lost several pounds and is on his way to major in kinesiology with a focus on physical therapy.

Developing a workout routine and diet plan that works best for him took time, but now that he knows what works best for him, Lovell wants to do the same for others.

Working out became a priority for Lovell after starting college and a job that required him to “stay fit,” he added. And to maintain his progress, Lovell incorporates new exercises and diets into his routine tailored to help him either lose weight or gain muscle, or both.

Lovell did not know CHC’s Fitness Center existed until his second year at Crafton when his friend introduced him to the space. And although he is about ready to finish his studies at CHC and move onto a four-year university, Lovell plans to maintain his progress elsewhere but will miss the center tremendously, he said.

“I like this space because it has more of the equipment I need, and I see better results here than in a ‘regular gym’ given the access to equipment,” he said. “Even though I have plans to start my own gym eventually and start doing personalized workouts for others, I will be back over time.”