Course Approval Process
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Toward the goal of ensuring the effectiveness of our distance education program, Crafton Hills College has adopted an approval process for courses which are taught fully or partially online. A separate course approval process is required by Title V, Section 55206, which states, “if any portion of the instruction in a proposed or existing course or course section is designed to be provided through distance education in lieu of face-to-face interaction between instructor and student, the course shall be separately reviewed and approved according to the district's adopted course approval procedures.”

The Educational Technology Committee is charged with evaluating each DE Addendum and making recommendations to the college’s Curriculum Committee for final approval. Both committees are responsible for ensuring that online/hybrid courses have the same rigor as face-to-face classes and have “regular effective contact between instructor and student” (Title V, Section 55204).

Submitting a Course

Faculty and/or departments interested in developing an online/hybrid course are required to submit the course for Distance Education (DE) delivery through the curriculum approval process. A DE Addendum to a course can be submitted to accompany a new course, as a part of the course modification process, or alone using the “DE Addendum Only” function in the CurricUNET system. To begin the process of submitting a DE Addendum for a course, log on to 

Requirements for DE Addendum

  1. The course objectives and content of an online or hybrid course must mirror those of its face-to-face counterpart as described in the course outline of record.
  2. A DE Addendum requires faculty to describe what modality the course will take (e.g. online, hybrid or both) as well as what methods of instruction, communication and evaluation will be utilized in the online/hybrid class to achieve the same outcomes as its face-to-face counterpart.
  3. A sample assignment adapted for the online environment as well as a statement regarding accessibility are also required.

If you have any questions regarding the course approval process, please send an email to the CHC Distance Education Faculty Lead ( .