Distance Education Training
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The Distance Education Program Committee suggests completing one of the below training options or submitting evidence of equivalent DE certification from another college (see below).

⭐ Top Rated Training 

Crafton Hills College offers its DE training course, Introduction to Online Teaching, Learning, and Accessibility, approximately once per semester, at no cost to district employees.  Successful completion of this course and its capstone micro-course, The ABCs of Course Design, will result in automatic certification to teach distance education courses for Crafton Hills College.

Upcoming course dates:

📌 Introduction to Online Teaching, Learning, and Accessibility - July 1, 2024 - August 2, 2024

To inquire about enrollment, contact the CHC Distance Education Faculty Lead at DEFacultyLead@sbccd.onmicrosoft.com Only SBCCD employees are eligible.

Prerequisite for faculty with limited Canvas experience:

  • For those with limited experience using the Canvas LMS, the self-paced @ONE "Introduction to Teaching with Canvas" course is highly recommended (but not required for certification unless previous training has been completed in a LMS other than Canvas). Canvas training from other colleges will also satisfy this prerequisite.
    • Access: “Introduction to Teaching with Canvas” by @ONE
    • Duration: Self-paced  
    • Cost: $0

In lieu of CHC's certification training, instructors may complete one of the options from @ONE listed below. Once training is complete, submit certificates or badges to the Distance Education Faculty Lead at DEFacultyLead@sbccd.onmicrosoft.com  @ONE courses fill very quickly which is why CHC offers its own single-course version (above).

1-Step @ONE Online Teaching & Design Certificate

  • @ONE's 12-week Online Teaching & Design Certificate is a robust and highly recommended certification for CHC and many other California Community Colleges.
    • Access: Search for “Online Teaching and Design” in the @ONE course catalog
    • Duration: 12-weeks, facilitated
    • Cost: $0

2-Step @ONE Training

Step 1: Instructional Strategies & Course Design

  • Introduction to Asynchronous Online Teaching and Learning, offered by @ONE
    • Access: Search for “Introduction to Asynchronous Online Teaching and Learning” in the @ONE course catalog
    • Duration: 4-weeks, facilitated
    • Cost: $0

Step 2: Accessibility

  • Creating Accessible Course Content, offered by @ONE
    • Access: Search for “Creating Accessible Course Content” in the @ONE course catalog
    • Duration: 4-weeks, facilitated
    • Cost: $0


Instructors who have completed distance education training outside of CHC or SBVC will need to submit badges or certificates that verify facilitated training in andragogy/instructional design and accessibility (as described above), completed within the last 3 years, and verify knowledge of CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric instructional standards. 

Faculty who wish to teach online courses for CHC must complete distance education andragogy and accessibility training. Canvas training alone does not meet CHC training standards; years of experience teaching in the online environment do not waive this requirement. As many surrounding community colleges have implemented similar requirements, some faculty may have completed training we can consider equivalent to part or all of the Crafton Hills College training. Training from other campuses must align in content and objectives and have been completed within the last three years. Such credentials must be reviewed by the Distance Education Faculty Lead and/or management (VPI and department Dean) before verification can be conferred. 

Faculty who feel they may qualify for equivalency should contact the CHC Distance Education Faculty Lead for further information about how to submit their credentials.

CHC-SBVC Training Reciprocity Agreement

Crafton Hills College Distance Education maintains DE training reciprocity with its sister school, San Bernardino Valley College. Online Faculty who have completed current equivalent requirements at San Bernardino Valley College may bypass DE training at Crafton Hills College.