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The Crafton Hills College Alumni Association serves to preserve and promote the relationships between CHC and our alumni. To build a bridge between the college and the community. Through its various services and programs, the Association represents alumni, the College, and the Foundation in the quest to Enhance Educational Excellence.

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Connected to Peers and Advisors

Photo of Lorin Costello

Lorin Costello
Class of 2019, AS Communications

As I prepared to graduate high school in 2017, I was starting to feel the pressure to attend a 4-year university. I was rejected from two of my dream Universities and waitlisted for the third. At the time it was a hard pill to swallow, but little did I know it would lead me to a gem that is Crafton Hills College.

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Crafton Gave Her Something to Be Proud Of

Photo of Brooke Blake

Brooke Blake
Class of 2019, AS Social Science and Sociology

I started my journey at Crafton Hills College when I was Twenty-Four years old. I was at a point in my life where I was going nowhere, and college was the only option left. Starting Crafton, I had zero confidence and I didn’t believe I was smart enough for college, but I had many guardian angels watching over me all over Crafton Hills campus.

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The Best Version of Himself

Photo of Cameron Lyons

Cameron Lyons
Cameron Lyons is the best version of himself

I enrolled at Crafton Hills College in 2012, at eighteen years old, being unsure of myself, and what my future career and educational path would entail. Upon graduating in 2014, I had gained an unprecedented level of self-confidence, discovered my chosen career path, and created an educational plan to get there.

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