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Studies requested from and specific to Instruction (e.g.: math student success by attempt, DE evaluations, developmental course success rates, success of first-time college students, success by course, course repeatability, etc.)

Studies examining the effectiveness of intructional service areas (e.g.: library, STEM, supplemental instruction, tutoring).



Spring 2018 Fire Academy Exit Surveys

Relationship of EMS-020 Prerequisite and Self-Efficacy with EMS-020 Course Success

Fall 2017 Supplemental Instruction Program Evaluations

Student Success Rates by Class Size for Online Courses (Fall 2013 to Fall 2017) 

EMT, Fire Academy, Paramedic, and Respiratory Program Efficiency and Success Data: 14-15 to 16-17

Fall 2017 ESL Program Feasibility Study


CHC Distance Education Success and Completion Rates 2012-13 to 2016-17

Spring 2017 SLA Program End of Semester Evaluation Results

Spring 2017 Paramedic Employer Survey Results

Spring 2017 Paramedic Graduate Survey Results

Physical Therapy Assistant Program Needs Assessment

Fall 2016 Distance Education Course Evaluations

Fall 2016 SLA Program End of Semester Evaluations

Fall 2016 Fire Inspector I Certificate Interest Survey

Fall 2016 SI Program Evaluations


Spring 2016 SLA Program Evaluation Results

Spring 2016 Student Satisfaction Survey


Spring 2015 HSI STEM Sci Fri Event Evaluation

Spring 2015 Title V HSI Grant Learning Community Evaluations

Spring 2015 Title V Transfer Prep SI Program Evaluations

CHC Distance Education Success: 2010 - 2011 to 2014 - 2015

Spring 2015 Tablet Initiative Assessment

Spring 2015 Distance Education Course Evaluations

Spring 2015 Fire Academy Exit Surveys

Fall 2014 Fire Academy Exit Surveys

Fall 2014 Distance Education Course Evaluations

Fall 2014 HSI Title III STEM SI Evaluations

Fall 2014 Learning Communities Evaluations

Fall 2014 Pilot Final Exam Schedule Survey Results

Bachelor's Degree Student Interest Survey Results

Bachelor's Degree Needs Assessment

Tablet Initiative Mid-Term Evaluations

CTE Enhancement Funds Needs Assessments

CHC Distance Education Success: 2009 - 2010 to 2013 - 2014

Fall 2014 Fire Academy Exit Surveys


Spring 2014 Fire Academy Exit Surveys

Spring 2014 Student Satisfaction Survey

CHC Distance Education Success: 2008 - 2009 to 2012 - 2013

Fall 2013 Aquatics Center Student Survey

Fall 2013 Aquatics Center Employee Survey

Fall 2013 Honors Institute Entrance Survey

Spring 2013 DE Course Evaluations

Spring 2013 SI Evaluations: Title V Transfer Prep

Summer Bridge 2013: English Evaluations

Summer Bridge 2013: Math Evaluations

Fire Academy Fall 2013 Exit Surveys

Spring 2013 LC Evaluation: Title V Transfer Prep

Summer 2013 Computer Science High School Evaluation

Spring 2013 Structured Learning Assistance Evaluation

Effectiveness of Peer Advising Programs: A Literature Review

Predicting Respiratory Graduation and Employment

Summer Bridge 2013 English Evaluations

Summer Bridge 2013 Math Evaluations

2013 Classified Professionals Week Evaluations

2009-2013 Tutoring Center CCSSE Results

2009-2013 Marketing CCSSE Results

2009-2013 Child Care CCSSE Results



Spring 2013 SLA Evaluations

Spring 2013 Sci Fri Student Evaluation

Spring 2013 CHC Website Feedback Survey Results

Spring 2013 6th Annual Arts Day Evaluations

Spring 2013 Reading Support Program Evaluation 

Spring 2013 HSI/Title V Transfer Prep Learning Communities Evaluations

Fall 2012 SI Student Survey Results

Fall 2012 Distance Education Course Evaluations

Number of Times Students Repeat X4 Courses: 0708 to 1112

MATH-952 Success by Accuplacer Arithmetic Score

Number of Times Students Repeat PE Courses: 0708 to 1112


Spring 2012 STEM Interest Survey

Spring 2012 Paramedic Employers Survey

Spring 2012 Paramedic Graduates Survey

Language Course CCSSE Results: SP09 to SP11

Math Student Success by Attempt: 0607 to 1011

Fall 2011 Adjunct Faculty Orientation Evaluation

Spring 2011 Distance Education Course Evaluations

Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 Learning Community Evaluations

CHC Distance Education 0607 to 1011 Success


Spring 2011 Arts Day Student Evaluation

Developmental Course Success Rates: 0708 to 0910

Ronald Reagan Museum Pre-Post Assessment

Online Course Retention and Success of First-Time College Students

CIS Student Scripting & Website Design Degrees & Certificates

Cal-PASS Math Transitions Study

CHC Distance Education 0506 to 0910 Success

Library SLO Assessment

Reading Prerequisites for Reading Courses

MATH-090 and 095 Success from FA08 to SP09

Success in SPAN-101, 102, 103, and 104

READ-925 Student Success by Peer Tutor Access

Number of Times Student's Repeated PE/I Courses

DE Success & Retention by Student Demographic

ACCT-208 Success, Retention, & Persistence to ACCT-109

Distance Education Course Evaluations - Spring 2011

Distance Education Course Evaluations - Fall 2010