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Recent Research Briefs and Reports

The Research Briefs and Reports section of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning (OIERP) Website is organized into four areas.  Some research briefs and reports may be found in multiple locations.  If you need help finding information, please use the Search Engine on the OIERP Home Page or send an email request to Giovanni Sosa, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning.

Academic Success & Enrollment 

  • Studies examining the relationship between student service and/or instructional strategies with student success (e.g.: transfer, ARCC, prerequisite validation, supplemental instruction, grants, learning communities, etc.).
  • Studies examining the enrollment characteristics of students at Crafton (e.g.: registration date and course success, day and evening students, etc.).

Institutional Effectiveness

  • Studies examining the effectiveness of planning processes and studies designed to assist Crafton in making informed decisions, as well as providing descriptive information about the College (e.g.: committee self-evaluations, climate survey, marketing, professional development, satisfaction survey, US Census data, etc.).


  • Studies requested from and specific to Instruction (e.g.: employer and graduate surveys, math student success by attempt, DE evaluations, developmental course success rates, success of first-time college students, success by course, course repeatability, etc.)
  • Studies examining the effectiveness of intructional service areas (e.g.: library, STEM, supplemental instruction, tutoring).

Student Services

  • Studies requested from and specific to Student Services (e.g.: priority registration, student success rates by area, starfish, placement results by academic year, etc.)
  • Results from student surveys specifc to Student Services (e.g.: point of service, Pre/Post evaluations, workshop evaluations, senior day, graduation/commencement, etc.)