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73 #RealCollege Survey Report Results Spring 2023
72 Strategies to Improve Nontraditional Students’ Academic Success Spring 2022
71 Use of Priority Registration by Students in Categorical Programs From 2019-20 to Summer 2021
70 School Climate Findings for LGBTQ Students in California and Implications for Promoting a Safe School Environment
69 2019-2020 The Success of CHC's Dual Enrolled Students 
68 Using Research and Resources to Enhance Your Experience of Working Remotely Summer 2020
67 Food and Housing Insecurity Among CHC Students
66 CHC Alumni Survey Findings Fall 2019
65 CHC Student Focus Groups Findings Fall 2019
64 California Assembly Bill 705
63 Planning and Program Review Process
62 Employee Campus Climate Survey Fall 2018
61 The Impact of the New Math Placement Process on Student Success
60 RP Group Study on Community College Transfer Students
59 Bringing Student Voices to College Decision-Making
58 2016-2017 CHC Dual Enrolled Students' Relationship to Course Success
57 National Student Enrollment Patterns and Implications for Enrollment Strategies
56 Study on Early Assessment Program (EAP) Placement Test Effectiveness
55 Value of Birthstone on GPA upon Graduation
54 2017 Student Equity Results
53 Spring 2016 Student Satisfaction Survey Results
52 Supporting Growth by Increasing Retention and Decreasing Attrition
51 Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) Targets
50 Effective Leadership
49 Student Learning Outcomes & Course Syllabi
48 Students' Completion of CSU's Golden Four Transfer Areas