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Mission Statement 

The purpose of the Crafton Hills College Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning is to collaborate with faculty, administration, staff, and students to provide high quality educational programs and services by integrating institutional research, planning, analysis, and systematic assessment to inform evidenced-based decision making and learning. The office seeks to meet the needs of the college by promoting and coordinating:

  • The continuous improvement of academic programs, student services, and administrative services
  • Short and long range college-wide planning and decision making
  • Assessment of student success, learning and service area outcomes
  • Reporting to Federal, State, and Accrediting agencies
  • The use of accurate, timely, and accessible information in a professional and ethical manner
  • Linking of strategic planning, college goals, district goals, and institutional data
  • Meaningful discussions of the college's purpose and performance
  • High quality web services to inform students and the community of programs and services 

Vision Statement

The Crafton Hills College Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning will facilitate Crafton Hills College becoming a "Learning College," which is the ultimate institutional effectiveness outcome. A "Learning College" is defined as a college which "becomes a true 'Learning' organization that grows and adapts through ongoing innovation tuned to current, emerging, and future needs." Further, it "celebrates a "culture of 'wonder'...where data-supported intelligence can be agreed upon so people can focus on being successful" (Goben, 2007, p. 4).


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Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning Staff
Name Title Office Location Phone Number Email Address
Giovanni Sosa Dean LRC 101 (909) 389-3206

Artour Aslanian Senior Research & Planning Analyst LRC 105 (909) 389-3331

Diana Vaichis Research & Planning Analyst LRC 103 (909) 389-3420

Ruby Zuniga Research Data Specialist LRC 102 (909) 389-3394