Institutional Review Board (IRB) Committee
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The IRB Committee coordinates the external research (i.e. any research project or study which is outside the normal day-to-day operations of Crafton) being conducted on campus involving Crafton students or employees. The purpose of the IRB committee is to protect students, employees, class time, employee time, student rights, and College liability. The IRB will ensure that the study participants are fully aware of the nature of the research, their rights, receive informed consent, and that the research aligns with the mission, vision, core values and goals of Crafton Hills College. The committee may also seek the advice of outside experts if a proposal is outside of their expertise. The IRB committee will meet on an as needed basis to provide feedback to proposals in a timely manner. Committee members will be required to receive appropriate training and external certification (e.g.: NIH, CITI, etc.) specific to the process of reviewing research proposals and protecting the rights of human subjects.


As recommended by the Code of Federal Regulations (§56.107), every effort will be made to ensure that the committee includes both males and females and a mix of racial and cultural diversity.

  • Colleen Hinds, Kinesiology Instructor, Co-Chair
  • Giovanni Sosa, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning, Co-Chair
  • T.L. Brink, Psychology Instructor
  • Primarily Concerned with Welfare of Subjects, Gary Williams, Psychology Instructor
  • Diane Pfahler, Psychology Instructor
  • Non-Scientist, Vacant
  • One Student Senate appointee, Vacant

Term: Two years