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Remote Tutoring is still available

Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak and public health standards, tutoring sessions can still be made remotely. The instructions for students are on the homepage. Feel free to contact us with any feedback and suggestions to Nick Reichert at or Karen Peterson

Tutor Referrals for future tutors and SI's

Do you know of an excellent student that would make a great tutor? We are always looking for top-quality tutors in all subjects, and we know that instructors have the keenest sense of their students’ academic promise. Sending faculty recommendations of potential tutors to the Tutoring Center is an invaluable process. Please click on employment link.

  • Instructors are assured that students receive assistance relevant to their courses because the instructors become instrumental in creating the pool of tutors.
  • Students get paid for their expertise, acquire work experience (with references), and a work schedule designed around their classes
  • Faculty may request their recommendation to be an embedded tutor in their classroom. 

How you can help:

  • Send us names of motivated students who have successfully completed your course with a grade of A or B. You can do this through Starfish referral or email.
  • Consider students who you think have shown a desire to help others.
  • Discuss potential tutor recommendations with colleagues in your department if you need to get a better sense of your students.