Online Tutoring Services

We are happy to offer remote tutoring; you can access online tutoring using a computer, tablet, or smartphone using Cranium Café.

For an instructional video with audio and available captions, please click on this link:

Remote Tutoring Instructions

Technical Requirements:

• Any desktop or laptop/tablet with a camera (preferred method)
OR smartphone device (iOS Apple devices require download of the ConexEd App to access Cranium Café)
• Chrome Internet Browser
• Headphones (optional)

The following services are available:

• Tutoring – Schedule Appointments and Drop-In
Workshops – Scheduled each month.

*Students must be registered for classes to receive tutoring*

Getting Started: 

Future appointments can be made anytime on Cranium. Please see the operating hours below:

Schedule beings Tuesday, Jan 19

Sunday Noon to 6pm

Monday and Tuesday 9am to 6pm

Wednesday and Thursday 9am to 7pm

Friday 9am to 6pm

Closed Saturdays

 *If there is a subject missing or you are unable to schedule an appointment, please see who is available for drop-in tutoring first, and then contact Karen Peterson at or call 909-389-3312 Monday through Friday 9-4pm.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about online tutoring experiences, or you are a faculty member wishing to discuss the services, please email the Tutoring Center Coordinator Nick Reichert at

Schedule a Tutoring Session

You can schedule an online tutoring session by clicking on the link above. You will be prompted to login (please use your WebAdvisor account) to begin the scheduling process. After you choose an appointment time slot, you will be asked for your class, instructor name, telephone number, and a brief summary of what you would like to meet about.



Drop-In Tutoring

You can also sign in with Cranium Cafe to make an appointment, visit a workshop/class, or to drop-in. Just scroll down to the "Tutoring Center" under "Instructional Services" on the "Student Support Directory." Sign in here.

You may meet with an available tutor by "Knocking" knock button on the virtual door of an available tutor (indicated by the green button on their Cafe Card). 

Students should provide to the tutor the exact ID number, name as it appears on web advisor, the class, and the instructor at the beginning of the session to be tutored. 


*All sessions are recorded and may observed by the Tutoring Center coordinators and faculty in compliance with state regulations.They will not be made public.*


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