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Two women examining a model of the spine

We have STEM Tutors and Study Sessions!

Have you seen Dr. Truong's Anatomy Virtual Lab? It's a great study guide.

We cover most STEM subjects including,

Anatomy, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, all mathematics, Microbiology, & Physics


Walk-in tutoring, appoints, study sessions, workshops. Tutoring is available in-person and online.



Tutoring Practices:

  • Tutors assist students with understanding scientific concepts and methods through the use of sample problems.

However, tutors will not complete assigned homework problems for students.

  • Tutors review and provide explanation on scientific topics taught in class.

However, tutors will not teach entire lectures and/or sections of textbooks to students.

  • Tutors provide students with adequate time and support.

However, tutors will circulate between students as well as make use of a “Sign-up” sheet when busy.



Online resources

Textbooks on reserve (textbooks are limited)

Real and artificial skeletal bones


Microscope with tutorial

Variety of slides

Reference Notes