Online Workshops

Workshops will be scheduled each month. Click on the links below to see more information about a particular workhop as well as to register. While registering, students will be asked for their name, class, and instructor. You will receive a confirmation email with the link to the workshop. Click on the link at the time of the workshop to join! You may need to wait to be added by the workshop host.

General Workshops

Click on a link below to register for any of the following online workshops. Scroll down to Asynchronous Workshops for more details on the One Book One College Essay Contest and submission Instructions:

Timed Writing Tuesday May 4th, 5pm-6pm
Timed Writing Friday May 7th, 10am-11am

 Writing Workshops

Click on a link below to register for any of the following online writing workshops:

Research Papers Monday May 3rd, 12pm-1pm
Essay Writing Tuesday May 4th, 12pm-1pm
APA Format Wednesday May 5th, 10am-11am
APA Format Thursday May 6th, 2pm-3pm
MLA Style Thursday May 6th, 3pm-4pm
Evaluating Resources Friday May 7th, 4pm-5pm
APA Format Thursday April 22nd, 2pm-3pm

Math (and Science) Workshops

Did you know that Crafton is having a Robotics Competition? Check out the STEM Center webpage for more information, or add the CHC STEM Center’s Canvas course to your Canvas account to check out more resources. There are weekly workshops available if you'd like to work on a robot, all of which are accessible directly through the STEM Canvas Course. These workshops are being held on the following dates:

  • Friday, April 23, 10am-12pm

We also are hosting our regular math workshops. Click on the links below to register for any of the following online math workshops: 

Normal Distribution Thursday, April 22nd, 9-10 am
Rational Functions and Equations Tuesday, April 27th, 10-11 am
Matrices: Gauss-Jordan Wednesday, April 28th, 2-3 pm

 Library Workshops

Visit our great library workshops here.



Asynchronous Workshops

If you can't attend one of our synchronous workshops, please consider our Asynchronous Workshops which can be completed at any time:

One Book One College Essay Writing Contest

  1. Review the Essay Writing Contest Prezi.
  2. Review the Contest Rules.
  3. Write your essay or Interdisciplinary option and save it as a Word Doc, PDF, or RTF file. Consider attending a One Book One College Essay Contest Workshop (listed above) or making an online appointment to meet with an English Tutor before you turn in your submission.
  4. Email your submission along with the completed Front Cover Sheet to with the subject line "OBOC Writing Contest Submission."

How to be an Online Student

  1. Review the How to be an Online Student Prezi or the print copy.
  2. Follow the directions on the How to be and Online Student PDF as you watch the suggested videos, review the Zoom tutorials and Canvas guides, and perform the self-check.
  3. Email the completed Zoom and Online Learning PDF to to receive a signed digital copy as proof of completion. 

Notetaking and Planning

  1. Review the Notetaking and Planning Prezi or the print copy.
  2. Follow the directions on the Notetaking and Planning PDF as you watch the suggested videos, practice notetaking, and create your own weekly schedule using the Weekly Schedule Template.
  3. Email the completed Notetaking and Planning PDF and your Weekly Schedule to to receive a signed digital copy as proof of completion.

Directed Learning Activities

Directed learning activities are a combination of self-paced assignments and a tutor check for approval. They are a good balance between a workshop and a tutoring session and are focused on developing a specific skill.

Our Writing DLA's can be found on our Writing Tutoring Page which include Setting up a MLA Paper, Setting up an APA Paper, and Grammar.

Online Resources

If you can’t make it to one of our workshops please see these online resources below or check out the Help Section of the Online Tutoring Page:

Tips for Successful Online Students

How to Sign Up for Student Lingo Self-Paced Success Workshops

Canvas Help

Cranium Café Help:
Trouble Shooting

Tech Requirements

Join Scheduled Meeting

Main Support Page

 Study Groups

Study Group Request Form: Please fill out a form to request a study group in the Tutoring Center.