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When a student requires a disability related accommodation to reduce the impact of his/her disability in the testing situation, a SAS Certificated Staff recommends accommodations. These are directly related to the educational limitations caused by the student’s disability.

Types of Accommodations for Exams

Auxiliary Aides

Scribes - The student may need someone to write their responses down if they have limited dexterity. The writer will not change the student's responses. Students are responsible for proofreading the writer's work before the test is returned to the instructor.

Readers/Interpreters - Students with visual, hearing, or learning disabilities may require someone to read their exams to them. Readers/Interpreters are instructed not to cue the student in any way, and to re-read items as many times as needed. Software may be used to read the exam.

Extended Time

Some students with disabilities receive additional time to complete their exams. The recommendations on the Test Proctor form are directly related to the student's disabling condition.

Alternate Formats

Large Print - Some visually-impaired students prefer to have their exams photo-enlarged. The student is responsible for stipulating this request on the test facilitation request form. He/she may write their answers directly on the large print test, or request a writer. Audio-taped Exams - If a student requests a test on tape, the tape will be erased immediately after the exam is taken.

Assistive Devices

A spell checker, calculator, computer, or dictionaries are devices recommended only when their use does not alter the fundamental nature of the course. For example, a spell checker will not be allowed for a spelling test. Devices are recommended only when the student needs them to demonstrate mastery of the material.

Test Facilitation Guidelines:

  1. Tests will be proctored Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Friday 8 a.m. to Noon. To ensure students have enough time to complete the exam before the office closes.
  2. Students are responsible for acquiring their Testing Accommodation Notification Form and delivering the completed forms to their instructors at the beginning of each semester.
  3. Students are responsible for scheduling an appointment with the SAS Office to take the exam during the same day and time of the classroom exam. For late afternoon and evening classes, arrangements are made for the student to take the exam earlier in the day or next day as arranged by the instructor.  
  4. The student is not allowed to use notes, books, tapes, or any supplementary materials unless specified by the instructor.
  5. Exams will not be rescheduled unless the student first asks the instructor’s permission. SAS must have written or verbal clearance directly from the instructor before rescheduling a test.
  6. When a student does not appear for a scheduled exam, the SAS Office will inform the instructor and wait for further direction.
  7. No electronics are permitted in the test, unless noted by their counselor as an accommodation or instructor’s consent.