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Various software and online programs can help you with learning, studying, organizing your paper, and finding electronic books. 


Kurzweil 3000

  • A software program designed to provide literacy support for all students.
  • Available in Crafton computer labs and can be downloaded for use at home. 
  • Developed to assist students with reading, writing, research, and study skills.
  • Works with Microsoft office, internet browsers, PDFs, and other various files
  • Works on both PC and Mac.


Project Gutenberg

  • Offers 42,000 free electronic books
  • Works with Kindle Fire and ePub books
  • You can download or read the books online

Math Study Skills

Khan Academy

  • Free website to help with skills in math, science, and other academic websites
  • Offers tutorials on basic math skills with YouTube videos
  • Create account or login with Facebook

Keep on checking this page for new links and posts as we find new study skills resources.