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CSUSB Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD)

At California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) there are over 500 students with verified disabilities served by the Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD) office. Since 1978, CSUSB has experienced dynamic growth in its population of students with disabilities. SSD provides the necessary support services instrumental for the achievement of chosen academic goals. Services are critical to a student's success; therefore, needs are assessed on an individual basis. This highly personalized approach has enabled SSD to successfully help thousands of students achieve their chosen academic goals.

CSUSB Workability IV

Assists students with intellectual and emotional skills to reach academic success and employment. Students gain a coach in the staff for providing encouragement and success. Must be a client with Department of Rehabilitation to qualify. 

University of Redlands Disability Services 

Resource center with information regarding testing and accommodations. Also has an area with student questions and parent information. Disability Services works with Career Services to assist students in finding career information and job placement. 

UCR Student Special Services 

Student Special Services at UCR offers students accommodations and career counseling within their disabilities. Handbooks are offered for students and parents regarding how college life works and how to navigate it within a student's disability.