Academic Progress Policy
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May I appeal if I lose my eligibility because I earned less than 67% of my attempted units or exceeded the unit cap?

You have the right to appeal a financial aid SAP or unit cap termination by presenting a written appeal with a personal statement and documentation of mitigating circumstances. Petition for reinstatement forms are available in the Financial Aid Office.

Please follow the instructions on the appeal form to document your special circumstances. The Director of Financial Aid evaluates all SAP appeals considering such factors as your personal statement, your academic history, your documented extenuating circumstances and your ability to achieve academic progress in the future.

Extenuating circumstances do not include the following:

  • Applying for an additional degree or certificate
  • Changed your mind about your current degree plan.
  • Did not like the instructor; had conflicts with the instructor; did not like the course.
  • Death of anyone other than an immediate family member.
  • Illness of anyone other than you or your immediate family member.
  • You were young and unaware of the importance of an education

Please allow two to six weeks for the director to evaluate and respond to your appeal.