Academic Progress Policy
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How does Crafton calculate the reasonable timeframe?

Federal regulations require that you complete your academic programs within 150% of the standard time frame for your program. At Crafton, 72 units is used as the standard, with 90 attempted units* as the "unit cap" for an A.A./A.S. degree. The unit cap is 150% of the minimum required units for the program. All units are counted even if you did not receive financial aid and even if the units do not count for unit credit toward graduation. Once you reach the unit cap for your program, you are ineligible to receive financial aid.

Please Note: Students enrolled in an eligible certificate program will be allowed to attempt up to 150% of the published number of units required to earn the certificate.

*The calculation of attempted units includes all coursework completed at Crafton as well as all transferable course-work completed at other institutions.