PDC Membership - Crafton Hills College
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The Professional Development Committee seeks to involve the entire campus in learning activities characteristic of the very best teaching and learning organizations. The Committee places the highest value on activities that help people to realize their individual and collective aspirations, raise the quality of their reflection and conversation, and hone their conceptualizations of the larger system in which their work is situated. In addition, the Committee actively seeks to help people to take advantage of learning opportunities with other institutions, organizations, and professional networks that fulfill our mission as a community college.

The Professional Development Committee relies on research, evidence-based decision making, and the results from the learning assessments to inform professional development activities. Members of the committee also serve as the college’s Flex Advisory Committee, which views flex reports submitted by flex-eligible full-time faculty. The Professional Development Committee meets twice per month.


Faculty, Classified staff, Management, and Students are represented on the committee.

Term: Two Year (for appointees)

Roles and Responsibilities

Each member of the Professional Development Committee has a meaningful and active role in the development of activities for the campus. Below are the currently defined roles within the committee.


The Professional Development Committee at Crafton Hills College has three Tri-Chairs who represent the faculty, classified, and management groups on campus.

Current tri-chairs are: Kashaunda Harris (faculty), Carrie Audet (classified), and Kay Weiss (management).

The tri-chairs are responsible for the following:

  • Developing the agenda for each Professional Development Committee meeting
  • Developing and maintaining the CHC Professional Development calendar
  • Creating and maintaining an ongoing log of employees funded for conference attendance including their subsequent presentations and/or workshops with the college community
  • Other issues as needed