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Full Time Faculty FLEX Hours:

Welcome to the new Flex Tracker.  As of 2020, and moving forward, there is a new calendar configuration and faculty will only need to enter 12 hours of flex activities. 

To help walk you through this process- please view the video. The recording will explain the process of submitting activities, and how you'll be notified once your activity has been reviewed by the flex committee. 

We ask that in the description, you provide a few sentences about the activities and how it benefited your professional/personal growth. 

If you have any questions, please reach out Kashaunda Harris at kharris@craftonhills.edu.


Part-Time Faculty Forms:

Part-time faculty are not required to do FLEX hours.  However, Part-timers can earn extra pay by doing Professional Development and SLO's.  Please see the forms below.  These are submitted to your Division Administrative Assistants.