Photo of Lynn Lowe

Lynn Lowe

November 2015

Professor Lowe has integrated the Tutoring Center into her classes. In partnership with the Center, she developed custom materials that support her curriculum. Tutoring Center staff meet with her students to administer the activities. 



What do you teach and how long have you been at Crafton?

How does the Tutoring Center integration work?

How long do the sessions last and how long do students have to go?

How long did it take to develop this idea, what was your role and the staff support role?

Do you expect students to do all the sessions in a certain amount of time?

How is this different from a homework assignment?

When you're designing your class, how do you organize the sections around the tutoring center?

Do you see any value in this in terms of getting student engaged?

Have you formally measured anything about students have or haven't participated?

How would this apply to other classes?

What would be the first steps as a faculty member to implement this?

How It Works

What Students Think

What do you do when you go over to the Tutoring Center?

What are sessions, how many are there, and how long do they last?

Does it matter if you go? Is it useful or is it a waste of time?

Is the content done in the Tutoring Center integrated back into class or is it just extra?

Has it helped your learning at all?

What is your interaction like with the tutors?

Do you think this would be beneficial to a history class?

Would you like activities in the Tutoring Center set up to help you with study guides or papers, etc.?

Would you recommend an instructor to figure out using the Tutoring Center?


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