About CHC Teaching Practices

There are remarkable teaching skills utilized by Crafton Hills College faculty; however, these skills are primarily practiced in the privacy of our classrooms. This project seeks to bring our best teaching practices into the public sphere so others can benefit from the creative pedagogical developments that have been churning in our halls for decades.

About Engage-Learn-Advance

At Crafton Hills College we encourage students to Engage, Learn and Advance. These are three essential areas of emphasis for success. Engage—Students are encouraged to join our college community as full participants; join with the kind of commitment that creates life-long relationships. Learn—Students are encouraged to learn deeply, to learn what they have to offer the world and learn what the world has to offer them. Advance—Students are encouraged to develop their potential fully and make steady progress toward high academic and career goals.

Featured Techniques

Looking to get your students more engaged, learning at a deeper level, advancing to greater heights? Consider some of these techniques.


  Engage Learn Advance
Flipped Classroom  X  X  
Tutoring Center Integration X  X  
Ice-Breaker  X  X  
Day of Advocacy  X  X  
Participation Review Game  X  X  

Featured Faculty and Staff

Want to Feature a Technique?

We need to share our pedagogy with each other. If you have a technique or approach that is generating deeper engagement, learning or advancement, consider sharing it with your colleagues through this platform. Interested? Contact the Professional Development Committee Coordinator at kharris@craftonhills.edu