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Career Planning in 6 Steps Model

CHC Roadrunners SPRING Towards Career Success! Self-Assessment. What are your skills, values, talents, and interests? Plan to meet with a career counselor. Research majors and career options that fit your assessment - consider several options. Identify potential majors and career paths - Narrow your search to 1-3 options. Network with students, alumni and professionals in the field(s) you are considering. Target and decide on your major/career. Transfer to university or start a job serach to your most desired positions.

Planning Check Off List

  • S - Start with a FREE Career Assessment available on Career Center web page. Ask yourself, “What motivates me? How does my personality affect my work style?”
  • P - Plan now! Don’t delay, Schedule your appointment with a Career Counselor.
  • R - Research several major/career options. Utilize the Career Planning links below.
  • I - Identify potential career paths with the What Can I Do with this Major sheets. Determine what type of education/training you need and what college/university offers the major you are considering.
  • N - Network and gain experience through internships or volunteer positions. Get involved in student clubs related to your field. Develop essential career-related skills. Focus on academic coursework/projects to gain knowledge in your field of interest.
  • T - Target and decide on your next steps; Choose a Major. Develop an SEP and plan to graduate. Prepare for university transfer or job search. Design a professional resume and cover letter. Practice with Mock Interviews at the Career Center. Identify the best job search methods for your field of interest.

What is a Major

A major focuses on one discipline area. A majority of your courses will be a foundational understanding of this discipline with a few courses in specialized areas of the discipline. The major can lead to several possible career opportunities and areas within the major.

Major Planning

  • Attend one of the "Choose My Pathway: Major and Career" workshops.  Offered in both fall and spring.  See Attend a Workshop list in green margin to the left for dates and times. 
  • –  Learn what courses you need to take at Crafton Hills College that are transferrable to a California college or university based on your major/academic program of interest.
  • What Can I Do With This Major – Learn all the possible areas you can pursue based on your major of interest.    How To Video for What Can I Do With This Major. 
  • College Navigator – Find Majors and Programs for all colleges and universities in the US.   
  • Federal Occupations by Major  - a list of academic majors and some Federal occupations directly related to the major of interest. 

What is a Career

A career is an occupation or profession in one particular area within a discipline that may last over a long period of time or a lifetime.

The following online resources are available at no cost to students and community members:

Career Planning

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook: Learn about Occupations/Careers from A-Z.  From what they do, how to become one, salary and similar occupations of interest.
  • ONET: an online tool to help you career exploration and job analysis.  Learn about occupations based on your current skill set and/or interested industry
  • California Career Zone: Learn about yourself, employment options available to you and the training that will prepare you for them. You can also take a career assessment in the Assess Yourself tab and also watch career videos.
  • Website designed to assist students in searching for a college, university or career training program that best meets their needs and interests.
  • Career One Stop (Videos):  Watch Career Videos to learn more about careers of interest.  Videos are by the 16 career clusters recognized by the Department of education and represent over 550 careers