To learn more about possible career opportunities that match your skills, personality or interests; take one of the following career assessments. Remember to schedule an appointment with a career counselor to discuss your results and help with planning a career that is best suited for you

All Assessments listed below are FREE to take!

  • With all assessments, make sure you take it when you are not distracted. Also, answer the questions with your initial/gut response. This will offer a more clear assessment result.
  • When done, print out and save your results! You will lose your results after you close the web page.
  • For best use of results, make an appointment to see a career counselor to discuss.

If you are a current Crafton student and would like to take the full-length version of the Meyers-Briggs personality assessment and/or Strong Interest Inventory, please call 909-389-3399 for more details.

Skills-Based Assessment:

What SKILLS do you prefer to use? What are your true colors? - Enter Site ID code WCIVSUR

Personality-Based Assessment:

Your PERSONALITY may be very important in the type of environment and career in which you'll work best. Learn your personality type.

INSTRUCTIONS: Start with the June Typology Test

Interest-Based Assessment:

Your INTERESTS can lead to a fun and exciting career that is also an area that you like to learn, have the heart to do, or currently do as a hobby.

INSTRUCTIONS: Once in the site, click on the Assess Yourself image or the "Begin Assessment". On the next page you can choose which assessment to take.  If you have never taken a career assessment, start with the Interest Profiler, then the "Quick Assessment".


Strengths-Based Assessment:

THIS ASSESSMENT HAS A COST:  Purchase at the CHC Bookstore for $13.50 plus tax.  See Textbook Counter for details. 

Your STRENGTHS can help you to understand what you naturally do well in all areas of your life.  Knowing your strengths can help you to be more productive academically, help you to understand how you better work with others, and how to communicate your strengths to others.  Most people who know their strengths are much more confident about who they are and what tasks, group projects, or work environments where they can thrive.

INSTRUCTIONS: After you purchase the assessment, go to the website, create your profile, make note of your password (You will need it for later.) and take the assessment.  Once the assessment is completed, make an appointment to meet with the Career Counselor at the Counseling Center.  The counselor will help you to interpret the results and show you how to utilize the assessment results for your own personal, academic and career development.