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—Outstanding Alumnus of 2017

Troy Mondragon overcame serious obstacles in his educational journey to reach his dreams. With a diagnoses of bipolar disorder in high school, Troy struggled to succeed academically. Pursuing his goals of obtaining a higher education, Troy began taking classes at Crafton in spring 2000. Troy spent countless hours in the math lab and at the library studying to pass the several semesters of remedial classes he needed in both English and math. One of the best experiences in Troy’s life was his participation in the study abroad program at Crafton. The first in his family to travel outside of the country, this life-changing experience with diversity and culture opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities and sparked his interest to major in sociology.

Understanding that college students are at a high risk for mental health issues, Troy soon became an advocate for mental health services on college campuses. Transferring to California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) in 2008, Troy was the first in his family to graduate from a University earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology in 2010. Troy, went on to graduate from the San Bernardino Community College District Entrepreneurship Institute in 2013, and after receiving a Fellowship from Catholic Charities, earned a Masters in Social Work from CSUSB in 2015. Troy serves on the San Bernardino County Behavioral Health Commission representing Supervisor James Ramos and the Third District. In 2014 Troy was presented with the Outstanding Youth Advocate award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Currently Troy is completing his hours to become a licensed Clinical Social Worker and will soon begin teaching at National University.  An enthusiastic volunteer, Troy is excited to give back to the community who has given him so much.  Troy credits the guidance, support, and encouragement he received at Crafton, along with his personal determination and resilience for his dreams becoming a reality.