In|Dignity Exhibition - Crafton Hills College
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Crafton Hills College partnered with California State University San Bernardino to present “In/Dignity: Mobile Exhibition to Support Resilience, Empathy, and Community Strength” January 21st through January 31st in the Crafton Hills College Art Gallery.

“In|Dignity” is a collaboration between the Anthropology Museum at CSUSB and the Inland Empire community. Combining documentary portraits by CSUSB Professor Thomas McGovern and autobiographical reflections by over 40 community participants, the exhibition documents the role of difference in shaping understandings, opportunities, and identities.

The title “In|Dignity” is meant to be read as a single word – “indignity” – and also as two separate words – “in dignity.” These two meanings capture precisely what the exhibition examines: experiences with oppression, discrimination, bigotry, exclusion, stigma, and prejudice, and simultaneously the pride and self-respect that we must have for ourselves and for others facing injustice.

“In|Dignity” was curated by Arianna Huhn, director of the CSUSB Anthropology Museum and assistant professor of anthropology, and Annika Anderson, assistant professor of sociology, with assistant curators Lark Winner, Jackie Gervacio, and Ana Gonzalez.