Black History Month Closing Ceremony - Crafton Hills College
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The Black History Month closing reception at Crafton Hills College was held on February 26th. Event coordinator, Kashaunda Harris welcomed attendees and expressed her thanks to the group of students, faculty, and staff who contributed to the success of events held this year in celebration of achievements by African Americans. Harris explained the elements of art, fashion, food, music, and literature incorporated into the activities throughout the month of February, reflecting on the importance of celebrating traditions and culture. Students presentations included poetry readings by Auraileea Ambrielle and C’yana Edison, and a special performance of “Lean on Me” by Vanessa Terry united the room in song. Owners of Dhat Island Caribbean Creole Cuisine in Redlands, Carlo and Angela Alce shared their personal journeys and discussed their ingredients and recipes which they refer to as the “original fusion”. Immediately following the program, everyone enjoyed plantains, greens, red beans and rice, Caribbean chicken, sweet potato and pecan pie, and beignets.