I got a pre-requisite block when I tried to register. What should I do?

Always check for pre-requisites before registering for classes.  Pre-requisite courses are classes that need to be completed before another course can be taken. 

If you took the required pre-requisite course at another college, see a counselor to assist you in clearing the mandatory pre-requisite. Make sure you bring a copy of your transcripts.  Based on your transcript, the counselor can do an equivalency evaluation in order to resolve the pre-requisite requirement.  Call the Counseling Office at 909-389-3366 to make an appointment or you may stop by in-person at CCR-201.


I tried to register and I got the message: "See a Counselor". What should I do?

The system might be blocking you from registration because of one of the following:

  1. You have not completed the pre-requisite to the course in which you are attempting to enroll.
  2. You need Counselor approval for a unit overload, if you are planning to register for more than 18 units for Fall or Spring semesters, and more than 8 units in a Summer session.
  3. You need to see a Counselor or Student Success Advisor because of your Probation Status.  

If none of the above reasons applies to you, please come to the Counseling Center for further assistance. Call the Counseling Office at 909-389-3366 to make an appointment or you may stop by in-person at CCR-201.


I have a transcript from another college. How do I get help evaluating which courses I still need to complete to achieve my educational goal?

Bring all your transcripts (unofficial are okay) from other colleges, to the Counseling Office (CCR-201) to be reviewed by a counselor. The counselor can do a preliminary evaluation of the transcripts and help create your Student Educational Plan (SEP). The counselor will look at math and English courses listed on the transcripts and determine if they are equivalent to any CHC math and English coursework allowing students to register for the correct math and English sequence. Counselors can also clear any other pre-requisite courses taken at another college. 

Students must submit official transcripts from all colleges previously attended to Admission and Records (CCR-111) so they can be fully evaluated by Crafton evaluators. Students must request the formal evaluation of outside transcripts by completing the necessary form. Also, except in special circumstances (see counselor for more details), please note that you must complete a minimum of 12 units at Crafton Hills College before requesting a full transcript evaluation.


How do I enroll in more than 18 units?

Students wanting to enroll in more than 18 units in either the Fall or Spring terms (or more than 8 units during the summer term) must see a counselor (CCR-201) to obtain a Course Overload form prior to registering. The form is then taken to the Admissions & Records Office (CCR-111) to clear the overload registration.


I tried to register and I got the message: "Need course overload". What should I do?

During the Fall and Spring terms students need counselor approval to register for more than 18 units. During the Summer term students need counselor approval to register for more than 8 units.

No appointment is needed to see a counselor for a course overload, please stop by in-person at CCR-201


I don’t have money to buy textbooks. What should I do?

  • Check to see if the instructor has left a Reserve copy in the Library.  If so, you may use a Reserve textbook in the library for up to two hours each day. Textbook reserves cannot be checked out.
  • Try buying a used textbook, or renting a textbook from the CHC Bookstore or an online textbook vendor. (dealoz.com)
  • Ask the instructor if you can purchase/rent an older version (usually cheaper).
  • Find a friend who previously took the same course, or share the expense of a textbook with a friend in the class.

If none of the above options work, see a Student Success Advisor (CCR-201) about an Emergency Textbook Loan. Please note: If you have an outstanding CHC Emergency Textbook Loan, then you will NOT be able to receive an additional loan.


Who do I notify about my Student F-1 Visa?

For admission to Crafton Hills College, students who have an F-1 Visa must submit required documentation to Admission and Records. See the step-by-step instructions for International Students

Students need to make an appointment to meet with CHC’s International Student Counselor, Cindy Shum, in the Counseling Center (909-389-3366). Once in contact with our International Counselor, a Student Educational Plan (SEP) will be developed.


How can I find out about New Student Orientation/Advisement sessions?

Call our counseling office at 909-389-3366 to sign up for a new student advising session or you may stop by the Counseling Office in CCR-201, and/or visit our Student Educational Plan web page.


What is a Student Educational Plan (SEP) and how do I make one?

Your student educational plan (SEP) maps out all the courses needed for you to meet your goals here at Crafton, whether it is to complete a certificate program, an Associate Degree, or transfer to a four year institution to complete a Bachelor Degree.  If you wish to make an educational plan, schedule an appointment with a counselor (909-389-3366).  The counselor will discuss with you what courses to take based on your desired degree or transfer goal.

What majors are available?

The Crafton Hills College Catalog describes the programs offered for each school year.  See all the degrees and certificates available at Crafton.


Which major should I choose?

Choosing a major is a significant and multifaceted process.  Crafton Hills College can assist you in the following ways:

  • Visit the Career Center to explore your interests, and/or visit mynextmove.org and complete the Interest Profiler. View additional assessments based on personality, skills and strengths
  • You may discuss your results with a Career Counselor. Please call 909-389-3399 to schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor.
  • In addition, you may visit the University Transfer Center (CCR-220) to explore your major(s) of interest and the institutions that offer these majors.
  • Most importantly, meet with a Counselor to help you develop a student educational plan, help you navigate the process of the transfer pathways, and assist in determining the course pattern that would best suit your goals.


What major do I need to become a ______?     

You may want to meet with a counselor to go over specifics of what major you will need for a specific occupation. Check out some helpful resources on the Occupational Outlook Handbook online. The OOH can help you find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations under the A-Z index. 

An additional resource can be finding specific areas you can work in with specific majors, along with helpful tips on how to keep a competitive edge: What Can I Do With This Major?


What do I need to graduate?

Graduation requirements can be found in the college catalog.

You may speak to a counselor about your educational goals on a walk-in basis, or you may, during non-peak times (peak times are the first and last months of each semester) make an appointment with a counselor for a full Student Educational Plan (SEP). The SEP is your educational roadmap, outlining specific courses needed to obtain your educational and career goals. Counselors will identify support services that can help you meet those goals. Appointments may be made up to one week in advance in the Counseling Office (CCR-201), or by calling 909-389-3366.


What classes do I need to complete to transfer to another institution?

Courses needed for successful university transfer will vary according to the transfer institution.  For general education and major preparation coursework needed for specific Cal State Universities (CSU’s) and University of California (UC’s), use www.assist.org.    

Private universities will have their own unique transfer requirements, which may be found by going to that university’s website and clicking on the link that says Transfer or Transfer Admission.

For more information about general education requirements, researching colleges and universities, and/or applying for transfer, visit the University Transfer Center (CCR-220) or the Counseling Office (CCR-201) to meet with a counselor. University Transfer Center How-To


Where can I get a Transfer Guide?

Visit the University Transfer Center (CCR-220) and pick up a checklist or click on the Transfer Planning Checklist on the University Transfer Center web page.


How can I find out what courses are transferable?

The Crafton Hills College Catalog is available on the website. Each course listed identifies the schools that accept the course for their degrees.  This is a general guide that might be applied differently at some UC and CSU campuses and majors. Meeting with a counselor can best determine transferability. 


How can I meet with a representative from a transfer institution?

Representatives from transfer universities are on the Crafton Hills College campus many times each semester.  A calendar of Transfer Rep visits is posted on the University Transfer Center’s web page listed below.  Students can call the University Transfer Center at 909-389-3399 or stop by in person (CCR-220) to make an appointment.


Where can I take a career assessment test?

The Crafton Hills College Career Center has free online assessments available on the Career Services web page.  Career counseling is available to review your results and to help plan for further career exploration.  In addition, workshops, job fairs, and employment opportunities are available; check the Career Services web page for details about these.


How can I find a job?

You can visit our Career Services web page to view current job opportunities and career resources. Additionally, if you qualify for work study funding through FAFSA you can apply for a federal work-study position through our District web page