Foundation Scholarships - Crafton Hills College
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In an effort to extend educational opportunities to the community, Crafton Hills College Foundation awards scholarships every year.

Scholarship Guidelines


All scholarship funds contributed for student financial assistance are administered and managed by the CHC Foundation.  All scholarship funds and awards must be free from illegal restrictions and/or discriminatory provisions.  Gifts given to the Foundation are irrevocable.

Award Qualifications

All funds contributed for student financial assistance are awarded on the basis of academic achievement and in conformity with established needs analysis procedures, except where special restrictions are specifically requested by the donor and fit within the purpose and limits of the foundation.

Selection of Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship recipients will be selected by the CHC Scholarship Committee or by a designated department committee in conformity to the donor's wishes.

Types of Scholarships

  • Endowed Scholarships - For a new endowed scholarship, a minimum gift of $12,500 is required to establish a perpetual fund or endowed scholarship.  Gifts are irrevocable and funds are held and invested, with only earnings awarded.
  • Named Annual Scholarship - A minimum of $5,000 is required, or a five year commitment of $1,000 per year, to establish this form of scholarship. The annual gift is awarded to recipient(s) over the five year period.  Unlike the endowed scholarship, this is not a permanent fund.
  • General Scholarship- Donations in any amount may be made at any time to the Foundation's general scholarship fund. The Foundation Board may also administer pass-through scholarships on a yearly basis. A fund that falls below $500 is added to the CHC Foundation Memorial Scholarship Fund.