VITAC Captions for Faculty
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CHC is excited to partner with VITAC for our live professional captioning & notetaking service for Live Zoom sessions. If you have a deaf or HOH student in your online synchronous course, chances are you will be soon be using Verbit. Vitac provides 99% accurate transcripts for our deaf or HOH students, as well as SAS students who may need note-taking assistance. A big advantage of Vitac is it's ease of use for both students and faculty. Training is very minimal. Please view the handout below which prepares you for the first time using this captioning product;or you can make an appointment with Suzanne Delahanty for a one on one demo. 

VITAC Zoom Host Guide (pdf file)

VITAC Zoom Meetings Cheat Sheet (pdf file)

The video below demos how easy it is to let a captioner into your class Zoom meeting:

Coming Soon!