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ASCHC: Associated Students of Crafton Hills College

By virtue of being enrolled at the college, you are a member of the Associated Students of Crafton Hills College. If you want to get involved with student life at Crafton Hills College, consider joining the Student Senate. The Student Senate is the governing body of the Associated Students. Participation in the Student Senate offers you an opportunity to explore and develop leadership potential. You will get acquainted with students, faculty, staff, and administration and represent your fellow students in the decision-making process at the college. In addition, you will have the opportunity to plan events, make friends, and qualify for scholarships.

The Student Senate President, Executive Board and Appointed Officers are elected by a vote of the general student body during the Spring semester preceding the new school year.

Student Senate Application (pdf)

Becoming an A.S. Elected Officer

To run for a Student Senate Executive Board Position, you must pick up an application packet from the Department of Student Life, available during February for the Spring General Elections. Complete the application materials and submit them to the Department of Student Life by the filing deadline. You must attend a mandatory candidates meeting. You are required to have a cumulative GPA 2.0 and must have a minimum of 5 CHC units at the time of verification and during your time in office.

Executive Board (elected positions)

  • Student Senate President
  • Chief Internal Affairs Officer
  • Chief External Affairs Officer
  • Chief Academic Affairs Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Student Trustee
  • Executive Assistant

Senatorial Positions (appointed positions)

  • Events Coordinator
  • Coordinator, Inter-Club Council
  • Outreach Coordinator
  • Senator at Large
  • Outreach Coordinator
  • Artistic Supervisor
  • Senators At Large (3)
  • Non Voting Member