EOP&S Student Responsibilities - Crafton Hills College
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EOP&S Mutual Student Responsibility Contract

In order to be eligible for EOP&S you must sign an EOP&S Mutual Student Responsibility Contract which states the following:

  • I agree to follow my EOP&S counselor-approved educational plan in order to make progress toward my academic goal.
  • I agree to enroll in a minimum of 12 units each semester, (exception: SAS students). I understand that prior to making any changes to my class schedule or educational plan, I must have approval from an EOP&S counselor; this includes dropping/withdrawing from any classes.
  • I agree to meet with an EOP&S counselor a minimum of three times a semester. I understand that these counselor appointments must be 30 days apart in order to follow my academic progress.
  • I understand that I must maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA or above. If I do not meet these standards, I agree to sign an EOP&S Academic Support Contract and meet with an EOP&S counselor five times a semester. I understand that these counselor appointments for academic support must be at least three weeks apart to monitor my academic progress.
  • I agree to submit an EOP&S Mid Semester Progress Report on all the courses I am registered in after the ninth or tenth week of each semester that I am in the EOP&S Program.
  • I agree to participate in any activities assigned by the EOP&S Program (i.e., assessment, tutoring, counseling, classes, workshops, etc.)
  • I understand that to receive an EOP&S grant, I must complete a FAFSA application each year.
  • I agree to respond in a timely manner to all notices and calls made to me by the EOP&S staff. I understand that if I am not able to attend my scheduled counseling appointment, I must notify the EOP&S Office and give a 24-hour cancellation notice.
  • I agree to notify the EOP&S Office of changes to my address, phone number, and personal status.
  • I agree to use my EOP&S book grant to purchase books for my EOP&S counselor approved and actively enrolled classes.
  • I understand that I am no longer eligible to receive services upon completing six consecutive semesters with EOP&S or upon accumulating 70 degree-applicable units (whichever comes first).
  • If I am selected to be a participant in the CARE Program, I agree to attend CARE workshops presented by the CARE Program.
  • I understand that I am provisionally accepted until my eligibility has been verified, I have completed an EOP&S Orientation and Educational Plan, and my file has been approved and signed off by the EOP&S Coordinator.
  • I understand that failure to fulfill the provisions listed above may result in my being dropped from the EOP&S Program and/or losing all EOP&S services.