COVID-19 Resources
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  • Disaster Relief Assistance for Immigrants (DRAI) Project
    • The Disaster Relief Assistance for Immigrants (DRAI) project is a one-time state-funded disaster relief assistance for undocumented adult immigrants impacted by COVID-19. An undocumented adult who qualifies can receive $500 in direct assistance, with a maximum of $1000 in assistance per household.
  • Healthcare Access
    • United We Dream has compiled information about healthcare access for undocumented folks in each state. Check out what is available to you by visiting their guide.
  • Internet Services
  • Storage
    • U-Haul is offering 30-days of free storage for college students who must suddenly move out. As more and more students quickly need to find alternative housing, U-Haul is offering students and families moving and storage solutions as they are continuing their housing search. Find a store near you and contact by phone or in-person to take advantage of the offer
  • Free Scholarly Content
    • Project MUSE compiled a list of publishers that is making scholarly content temporarily available for free. With many institutions moving to online education, these reduces will be free for those who no longer have access to their college or university library
  • Tangible Support for Undocumented Communties
    • Immigrants Rising put together a list of resources to help undocumented immigrants navigate the crisis. This list includes mental health resources, avenues for health access, K-12 resources, and how to stay organized and action-oriented
  • Mental Health
    • Mental Health America compiled a list of mental health information for disease outbreaks, and resources how to prepare for your wellness, and tools for anxiety. This resource also includes online support groups to connect with others, while we are practicing social distancing.