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Starfish by Hobsons

What is Starfish?

Starfish Solutions is a retention solution program that helps to create an online student success environment, facilitating programs such as counseling and advising, tutoring, mentoring, and others–with the aim of improving student success and retention. See a summary and explanation of workflow here.

Some of the features of Starfish include:

  • Viewing support networks for your courses
  • Receiving early alerts for academic concerns and praise for a job well done
  • Getting electronic referrals and other messages
  • Viewing and following academic plans
  • Signing up online for appointments with course instructors, counselors and advisors
  • and Faculty can submit progress reports in real time and connect students to appropriate campus offices

How to Access Starfish

Log into Starfish

Once students log into Starfish it is strongly recommended that they update their profile with a picture and review/update their email address and phone number to ensure accuracy. Students can also select the small cell phone icon in their profile to receive text alerts (regular messaging and data rates may apply).

Resources for Students  Resources for Instructional Faculty

Resources for Counseling Faculty/Student Support Staff


2023-2024 Progress Survey Dates and Deadlines

  • The 5-week class progress reports open during the third week of their term
    Aug. 28-Sept. 1 (Fall 1st session)
    Oct. 9-13 (Fall 2nd session)
    Nov. 27-Dec. 1 (Fall 3rd session)
    Jan 29-Feb 2 (Spring 1st session)
    March 11-15 (Spring 2nd session)
    April 29-May 3 (Spring 3rd session)

  • The 8-week class progress reports open during the fourth week of their term
    Sept. 4-8 (Fall 1st session)
    Nov. 6-10 (Fall 2nd session)
    Feb. 5-9 (Spring 1st session)
    April 22-26 (Spring 2nd session)

  • 13/15/17 week classes AND Respiratory Program progress reports open during the middle months
    October (Fall)
    March (Spring)

* If you need any assistance in completing your report, please contact

2023-2024 Open Labs and One-on-Ones

Click here to see what Starfish can do for you, then email  to set up a personal walk through.

Monthly Starfish Summary Newsletters

Older Newsletters

Data Results

Questions about Starfish?

Early Alert and Communication Tool


Degree Planner Tool

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