2021-2022 Progress Report Dates and Deadlines

  • 5 week session progress reports will open during the third week of classes:
    • Aug. 30-Sept. 3… Oct. 11-15… Nov. 29-Dec. 3… Jan 31-Feb 4… March 14-18… May 2-6
  • 8 week session progress reports will open during the fourth and fifth week of classes:
    • Sept. 6-17… Nov. 8-19… Feb. 7-18… April 18-29
  • 13/15/17 week classes will open during the middle months (October and March):
    • Sept 27-Oct 29 ... Feb 28- April 1
  • Respiratory Program: full month of October and March
    • October 1- November 1 ... March 1-April 1


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Video Tutorials

For a complete list of tutorial topics, you can visit the Hobson's Starfish Website. For a list of the most popular topics, see the videos below.

CHC Starfish Resources, Login, and Explanation of User Dashboard

Preparing for a Productive Student Meeting

Closing the Loop

Making Notes in Starfish