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Waitlisting is like getting in line to register for sections that are already full. For example, if a person drops from a full course, then the individual at the top of the waitlist will have the first opportunity to register and fill that empty seat.

Starting in the spring 2014 semester, waitlisting will be available for most classes at CHC.

After you have selected a section to your "Wish List", you have the option of registering or waitlisting the section. Make your selection from the drop-down list to the left of the “Wish List” section. If you try to register for a section that is filled, you will receive a message asking you to select another section or waitlist that selection. If you try to waitlist a section that has not been approved for waitlisting you will receive an error message.

From the “Register or Drop” page, you will find a link at the bottom right of the page entitled: “Manage Waitlist”. From this page, you can register for waitlisted sections or drop them from your waitlist. This function is also available on the Student Menu page, under ‘Registration’.

When you add yourself to the waitlist, you are given a number and can track your progress through the "Manage My Waitlist" function in Self-Service.

You will know you have been approved to register by receiving an email in your CHC student email account. You should monitor your student email account closely if you are on any waitlists because you will be automatically enrolled when you reach the top of the list.

Yes. Once you receive notification that you are at the top of the waitlist, you will be automatically enrolled into the section and any applicable fees will be charged.

No. Students can only waitlist for one section at a time of a particular course.

Forty.  Once the waitlist is full, students can only add to the waitlist when a vacancy occurs.  A vacancy will occur when a student at the top of the waitlist is enrolled in the section, or when a student removes them self from the waitlist.

All blocks and holds—including probation and dismissal—apply to waitlists in the same way that they apply to registration.

Yes, you can add yourself to the waitlist. However, you will not be allowed to register for any course that conflicts with a course for which you are already registered.

No. You must fulfill any and all prerequisites for a course in order to put yourself on the waitlist for that course.

No. The waitlist system will cease tracking seat openings and alerting students 48 hours before the start of the semester.

Not at this time. Instructors are not required to use the waitlist rankings to enroll students once the class begins.

You should attend the first class meeting.  You must be present for the instructor to consider adding you if there are vacancies.  If the instructor agrees to add you, you will be given a Web Authorization Code, which you can use to register for the class in Self-Service.

Send an email to the instructor asking her or him what the particular "wait list policy" is for that class. Some instructors will not be adding anyone to the class. Some will add some students and email you the add codes. Some will want to see you face to face to add you to the class. But the first step in the process would be for you to send an email to the instructor.