Refund Policy
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A. Designated Fees

This regulation covers the following fees:

  1. Enrollment fee
  2. Nonresident tuition
  3. Parking fee
  4. Health fee
  5. Accident Insurance fee
  6. Student Services Card fee
  7. Student Center fee
  8. Student Representation Fee
  9. Capital Outlay Fee
  10. Student Transportation Fee

B. Conditions

If a refund is requested for parking or student services card fees, the parking decal or the student services card must be attached to the refund request.

C. Military Service Exception

If a student who is a member of an active or reserve military service receives orders compelling a withdrawal from courses, the District shall, upon petition and a copy of received orders of the affected student, refund the entire enrollment fee unless academic credit is awarded.

D. Refund Schedule

This refund schedule applies to all fees listed in Paragraph A, above.

  1. Fees collected in error
    Fees collected in error will be refunded in their entirety.

  2. Class cancelled by the College
    If a class is cancelled by the College, enrollment and/or non-resident tuition fees will be refunded in their entirety. If that cancellation results in a student's withdrawal from the College, refunds of the appropriate fees listed in Paragraph "A" will apply.
  3. Withdrawal from the College

    a. Enrollment Fee/Non-resident Tuition

    If a student withdraws during the first two weeks of a full-term class (spring or fall) or during the first 10% of a short-term class, enrollment fees and/or non-resident tuition fees will be refunded.

    b. Parking Fee, Health Fee, Accident Insurance Fee, Student Services Card Fee, Student Center Fee, Student Representation Fee, Capital Outlay Fee, Student Transportation Fee.
    In order to be eligible for a refund, a student must withdraw prior to the first day of the term for a full-term class or prior to the first day of instruction for a short-term class.

  4. Unit Reduction
    If a change of a program within the first two weeks of a full-term class (spring or fall) or during the first 10% of a short-term class results in a reduction in the number of units taken, the enrollment fee or non-resident fee will be refunded at the per-unit cost of the reduction.

  5. Dropping\Withdrawing after Refund Period
    A student who withdraws from a class or the College after the second week of instruction for a full-term class or after the first 10% of a short-term class is not eligible for any refund.

  6. Instructor Drops
    Students who are dropped by their instructor(s) shall be eligible for a refund or credit pursuant to the District's refund policy.

E. Refund Processing Fee

A charge of $10 will be collected for each refund transaction not to exceed $10 per student per semester, except for cancelled classes or over-payment.

All refunds will be in the form of a check mailed to the student's address on file in the Admissions & Records Office. Allow 6-8 weeks for all refund checks to be processed and mailed.

(SBCCD Administrative Procedure #5030)


Short-Term Courses

The refund period for short-term courses are based upon the following table:

Weeks of Instruction

Days for Refund
(Starting with 1st day of the course)
1-2 1
3-4 2
5-6 3
7-8 4
9-10 5
11-12 6
13-14 7
15-16 8