A Few Things to Know Before You Apply - Crafton Hills College
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As a dual enrollment student, it's important to be aware of the following:

  • According to Education Code 76001(d), you may not enroll in more than 11 units per semester or the equivalent for summer sessions.
  • You may not enroll in courses that you have previously failed in high school, including those attempted while enrolled in the dual enrollment program.
  • You may not enroll in courses below the 100 level nor 900 level
  • Dual enrollment students are not permitted to enroll in physical education courses (Kinesiology). "Physical education" is considered by the State Chancellor's Office generally to mean any course bearing Taxonomy of Programs code 0835.00, or any of its sub-codes.
  • College courses are designed for adult students, and the course content may be unusually frank to facilitate scholarly discussions of behavior, art, human, or other issues.
  • College courses are taught at a faster pace and require significantly more independent learning than high school courses.
  • College courses completed by high school/adult school students carry the full weight of college credit and become a part of your permanent college record.
  • Your high school/adult school has the exclusive right to determine which courses will be accepted and how they will count towards your school record.
  • In most cases, you are responsible for providing grades and transcripts to your high school/adult school.
  • You can access your grades online, and all regulations regarding transcript requests and fees apply to all students.
  • Continuation in the dual enrollment program is dependent upon satisfactory academic performance.
  • Parents or guardians are not permitted to attend class with the student unless registered for the same class.

We are committed to helping you succeed in your academic pursuits as a dual enrollment student. If you have any questions about these policies/guidelines or need assistance, please contact the Admissions & Records Office.