Term Dates
October 1, 2017 Financial Aid Applications for 2018/2019 academic year available at www.FAFSA.gov.
March 1 First day to open Financial Aid file for 2018/2019 academic year.
May 31 Deadline to receive early Financial Aid disbursement for Fall.
N/A First day to take placement assessment test for Fall term. Appointments are available.
N/A First day to purchase textbooks online.
N/A Online textbook orders ship-out.
N/A First day to purchase textbooks on campus.
August 12 • Deadline to register for courses prior to start of term.
• Deadline to drop courses prior to start of term and receive full refund.
August 13 Term / Instruction Begins
N/A Book Buyback
August 24 • Deadline to Late Add full-term (18-week) courses.
(Check 'Use By' date on Late Add Authorization sticker.)
• Deadline to drop full-term (18-week) courses and receive a refund of enrollment fees.
• Deadline for textbook returns or exchanges (receipt required).
August 27 Parking permits are required on all college streets and lots.
(illegal parking regulations enforced at all times)
Students may purchase Parking Permits online.
N/A Deadline for Cal Grant GPA Verification.
September 3 Deadline to drop full-term (18-week) courses without a "W" grade.
(refer to your registration statement for short-term course deadlines)
September 3 Labor Day (Observed) - Campus Closed
September 7 Deadline to request Pass/No-Pass grading option for full-term (18-week) courses.
October 1 First day to apply for scholarships.
For more information, call 909-389-3245.
N/A EOP&S / CalWorks Mid-Semester Progress Reports Due.
October 1 Financial Aid Applications for 2019/2020 academic year available at www.FAFSA.gov.
October 2 Flex Day - Classes not in session
October 26 Deadline to withdraw from full-term (18-week) courses with a "W" grade.
(refer to your registration statement for short-term course deadlines)
October 31 Deadline to apply for Fall graduation.
November 12 Veteran's Day (Observed) - Campus Closed
November 22 - 24 Thanksgiving Recess (Observed) - Campus Closed
November 30 Deadline to apply for admission to the UC and CSU universities. Applications are open once per year.  Visit the University Transfer Center for more information.
December 7 Deadline to apply for BOGGW (Board of Governors Grant Waiver) refund.
December 10 - 14 Final Exams
N/A Book Buyback
December 14 Term / Instruction Ends
December 21 Official Fall grades available Online

Dates listed are for Full-Term (18-week) Courses Only.
Refer to your Class Printout for short-term/late-start course dates.