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What is a Preceptor?

Why Should I Precept?

Precepting a paramedic student will allow you to help shape and encourage the growth of a fellow paramedic as s/he enters the paramedic working environment with all its excitement and challenges. You will have the privilege of helping a newcomer integrate successfully into this position by being available to answer questions related to skills and the working environment, encouraging the student through the learning process, and challenging the student to take the next step. Precepting is also an opportunity for you to develop skill as a facilitator and leader within your profession. Your professionalism and mentoring relationship will make a difference in the life of a student.


State and Local Preceptor Requirements

Title 22 Requirements

  • California Licensed EMT-P
  • Local accreditation as an EMT-P
  • Have 2 years field experience in pre-hospital care within the  last five years
  • Be under the supervision of the principle instructor
  • Not under investigation for clinical or patient care issues
  • Completion of an approved preceptor training program
  • San Bernardino County Requirements
  • Must be accredited in the county
  • Must have worked in the county as an accredited paramedic for a minimum of 1 year
  • Must complete a preceptor workshop every 2 years


Program Director

Amanda Ward

Office: PSAH - 105E
Phone: 909-389-3255

Department Secretary

Stacy Sysawang

Office: PSAH - 105
Phone: 909-389-3421