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How You Can Help Crafton’s Paramedic Students

The Paramedic Fund provides support for current paramedic students who need assistance to successfully complete the program. At approximately $4,600 for tuition, books, testing and licensing fees, the Paramedic Program is not only demanding financially, but it is demanding physically, mentally, and academically as well, with lectures and interactive presentations, skills and simulation labs, clinical and field internships.

Even when students understand the commitment and dedication needed to complete the program, they sometimes find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of work and expense required to become a Paramedic.

In some cases, students just need a little extra support to make it through the program. Whether it’s for uniforms, exam fees, or even some help with transportation, the expenses add up. This program makes it difficult for students to maintain a full time job and while many try to pick up extra shifts as an EMT, or at another part time job, it is not always possible.

Having funding available to help our Paramedic students when they need it the most has made the difference between students continuing in the program or dropping out. We hope you will consider an investment to support Paramedic students as they pursue their career goals.

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Thank you for your support of Crafton’s Paramedic students and helping to prepare the next generation of first responders.