Aquatic Center Facility Policies
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Photo of the pool

Management Policies and Pool Rules

  1. The Crafton Hills College (CHC) aquatics personnel, management, staff, or lifeguard may expel any patron who does not conform to the rules listed herein or posted in the area. 
  2. Persons are not permitted on the deck until CHC Aquatic staff has checked pool chemicals and facility for safety hazards. 
  3. Walkways, doorways and pool line of site should not be obstructed by swimmer gear, storage reels, water polo nets, etc.
  4. The pool should be put back to its original state found by the group last using the pool (covers, flags, lane lines). 
  5. All persons afflicted or suspected of being afflicted with an infectious or communicable disease, suffering from a cough, cold, fever, sores or open cuts are not to be permitted in the pool.  Bandages are not allowed in the pool. 
  6. Appropiate swim attire required. T-shirts, jeans, street cloths or cotton materials  are not allowed. 
  7. Breathholding is limited to one breath one time or one lap one time. 
  8. All swimmers must be potty trained; no diapered children allowed in the pool.
  9. Eating, chewing gum and drinking are not permitted on the pool deck. Bottled water is ok.
  10. Smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol or drug use is strictly prohibited at CHC. Smoking is allowed in only designated area adjacent to aquatics center parking lot.
  11. Anyone participating in lap swim must be able to complete a length across the pool unassisted. Children under the age of 14 must have a parent in the facility.
  12. CHC lap swim hours are for lap swimming or water exercise. Participants in CHC lap swim are prohibited from providing coaching or lessons.
  13. No spitting or urination in the pool or on the pool deck. 
  14. Running, pushing shoving, horse play and other high risk behavior is prohibited.
  15. Glass, sharp metal objects or toys are not allowed in the aquatics center.
  16. Animals and pets are not allowed in the aquatics center. Certified service dogs with appropriate paperwork are an exception.
  17. Bicycles, skates or skateboards are not permitted in the aquatics facility.
  18. Banners, posters, signs, or any other forms of advertisement of any kind are not permitted without prior approval by CHC management.
  19.  Any acts of vandalism to the facility or school is a crime and will be treated as such. This includes writing on the bottom of the pool.
  20. The renter, user, or group utilizing the facility is responsible to protect the facility from damage. If damage occurs for any reason, the user may be responsible for the costs of repair. Costs shall be determined by CHC.
  21. CHC is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. The CHC aquatics center does not maintain a lost and found. Valuable items (keys, wallets, cell phones, etc.) will be turned over to campus police.
  22. If the lights fail during morning darkness or at night the pool must close immediately.
  23. Maximum capacity of the pool is 247 persons.

Pool Covers

  1.  Swimmers may not be in the water when any covers are on the pool.
  2. When taking covers/lane lines off and putting cover on the reels MUST be locked into place for safety and per manufacture guidelines.
  3.  When removing or placing covers on the pool the person should not have any loose items (example: clothing, strings or towels).
  4. All reels for pool covers and lane lines must be pushed back in their storage position and remain there until their time of use.
  5. After cover/lane line reels are being used reels must be covered.
  6. Covers are to be on the pool unless instructed otherwise by CHC personnel.

Coaching/Parent Policies

  1. Coaches are responsible for knowledge of CHC Aquatic Center rules and policies for their group's participants. It is the responsibility of the instructor or coach in charge to enforce the rules and regulations.
  2. All swimmers/athletes shall be under the direct supervision of a certified lifeguard, USA swimming, or USA Water polo carded coach at all times. Coaches should have their coaching identification with them to present to CHC staff, health inspectors or officials if requested.
  3. Participants may not enter the Aquatic Center until accompanied by a coach from their organization.
  4. Parents and spectators are restricted to the bleacher or grass area and are not permitted on the pool deck.

Diving Policies

  1. Diving is not allowed from the side of the pool. All pool side entries must be feet first.
    1. Exception: Supervised diving instruction as part of formal instruction or training.
  2. The starting blocks are to be used only under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor or coach. 

Weather Policies

  1. The pool will remain open unless the lifeguard/coach cannot see the across or the bottom of the pool due to rain, fog or other weather conditions.
  2. The pool will be closed immediately in the case of thunder and lighting, the pool may not reopen until 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning occurrence.

Locker Room Policies

  1. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to use locker rooms.
  2. Only CHC students and staff are allowed in locker rooms.
    1. Exception is YST Morning Masters 
  3. Food is not allowed in the locker rooms. 
  4. CHC is not responsible for lost, broken, or stolen items.
  5. CHC students and staff using lockers must give access to locker to CHC Aquatics Staff.
  6. Personal items of CHC students and staff may be kept in lockers for day use.
  7. Personal items of CHC students and staff may be kept overnight or for a semester under special circumstances.
    1. Overnight or semester use must be cleared by aquatics center staff.
    2. The user must provide their name, phone number, locker number lock combination or key and reason for requesting overnight/semester use of locker. 
    3. Items must be removed at the end of the semester.
  8. Lockers not cleared for overnight use will have the locks cut and items placed in lost and found.
  9. All lockers being used for CHC students and staff must have a lock on. Locks are the users’ responsibility.
  10. No illegal substances or items, drugs, firearms, knives, matches, lighters or any item that can cause injury, death, or destruction to a person or the facility will be permitted in the locker rooms. 
  11. Locker inspections will be periodic and recorded.  Users will be notified and must grant CHC access to their locker. 
  12. CHC will assume the locker is abandoned if denied access or if user is not present for locker inspection.
  13. Lockers left abandoned will become CHC property. Lockers not cleaned out by the end of each semester will be considered abandoned. Any items found in locker room or abandoned lockers will be put in lost and found.  Items that are not claimed from lost and found will be disposed. 
  14. Locker room showers are to be turned off after use.
  15. The locker rooms can become very slippery and should be accessed with extreme caution.