Lorin Costello
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—Connected to Peers and Advisors

Class of 2019, AS Communications

As I prepared to graduate high school in 2017, I was starting to feel the pressure to attend a 4-year university. I was rejected from two of my dream Universities and waitlisted for the third. At the time it was a hard pill to swallow, but little did I know it would lead me to a gem that is Crafton Hills College.

I remember attending a SOAR day at Crafton, still waiting to hear back from my third-choice university, and immediately I was blown away by how helpful the counselors were when they sat down with me to pick classes. My potential professors had roaring 5-star reviews, and the cost of enrolling in 15 units was just about the same price as a parking pass at a 4-year institution. It was a no-brainer at that point, and with confidence I decided that Crafton was the right path for me.

I got plugged in right away and was fortunate enough to join the Student Senate on campus. I connected with driven peers like former Senate President, Valerie Johnson, and selfless advisors like Dr. Ericka Paddock, who valued student needs and campus-wide success. In the classroom, professors like Jimmy Urbanovich exceeded my expectations; for the first time, I wanted to truly learn the content, and dedicate my time to excel in the courses because of how committed, personable, and passionate my instructors were.

I declared Communication Studies as my major, and within two years I earned my Associates Degree, along with two Student Senate Scholarships and Medals of Distinction. After graduating from CHC in 2019, I transferred to California State University, Long Beach where I am currently pursuing a Bachelors’ Degree in Communication Studies. I have since joined multiple campus organizations and pursued leadership positions in both my sorority and communications club. Building genuine connections and networking with those around me has played in huge role in deciding what I want to do once I graduate next year. I have goals to work in the entertainment industry focusing on communications coordination or event planning.

My advice to current CHC students is to take advantage of the resources around you. Reach out to peers and faculty, get involved in campus clubs and organizations, attend workshops and events on campus; your experience at Crafton is what YOU make it. Stay focused and ENJOY it all.

I look back now and I am incredibly thankful for the rejection that I faced along the way. In the end, it has taught me to make the absolute best out of where I am using what I have. Things will not always go as planned, but that is just an opportunity to overcome obstacles and work towards something greater than we could have ever imagined.

I am more than proud to be a Crafton Hills College Alumni, and I cannot thank this institution enough for shaping me into who I am today.