Kyle Krantz
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—Changing Other People's Lives

Class of 2017, AA-T Psychology

My name is Kyle Krantz. When I first came to Crafton I was couch-surfing at my friends place, no job, not much self-esteem. After getting my AA I transferred to a university in the Bay Area. Drove there in my own car, to a nice apartment. I have been working with people on the Autism spectrum for almost two years now, teaching them how to talk, and walk, and get jobs of their own. My goal now is to get a doctorate degree as a clinical psychologist and develop a software based psychology app. It wasn’t always easy, sometimes it felt nearly impossible, I took it slow when I needed to, but I followed through with my education. With the help of professors, and Crafton’s administration, and some friends I met along the way, I literally came from being homeless and incapable of helping myself, and now I am in a place where I am changing other people’s lives. It’s a really good feeling.